Livio de Simone was born in Naples in the 1920. He starts his career as lawyer then his strong creativity took the windward and he became one of the most important palyer of the italian fashion pret à porter.
Livio start playing with colors, prints and fabrics in his home country in Chiaiano , leaving some chickens , that his factor used to rise , to walk on a cotton cloth stained with dye. It was the 1952 and it was the beginning.
In the 1956 he founded his own company and in the 1958 his first fashion show in Florence at “Sala Bianca“ in Pitti’s Palace.
In the 60’s and 70 ‘ he was absolute protagonist with the fashion event “Moda Mare Capri “ in Italy and abroad. His strong connection with the island of Capri has been his strenght , his ispiration.
The Bricco Srl has kept the printing system designed by Livio De Simone 55 years ago, for the creation of upholstery fabrics.
Even in a globalized world ,we try every day to keep alive the tradition of the best italian craftmanship.
Value statement "All possible colors !!! " - "What you see is what you get "