Limited edition 20XVI

The Livio De Simone watches are small jewelery perfect in every detail. From the careful choice of fabric to the precision of bending, trimming, ornamenting, its creations are distinguished by the respect of classical shapes.
The perfection of the precious stitching, the functional adjustment of the 3-button button in Australian pearl necklace make Livio De Simone watches a work of art designed for contemporary personalities who love wearing the invaluable value of time in every circumstance.
Colonna designs and realizes in partnership with Livio De Simone all the fundamental components of her watches, from the cuff manufacture to the assembly of the elements of the movement, combining the sophistication of the fabrics with the aesthetics of the case and the dial.
The Livio De Simone collection is a limited edition, made with original fabrics from the '60's and 70's' historic historical archives.

Orologi - 1